Your common questions, answered

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


The insurance policy you bought for the period of your stay abroad has a toll-free number of your service company. Dial it to obtain skilled and adequate medical assistance.

If you are reluctant or can’t wait for your assistance company to arrange a doctor’s advice, you may call for a local ground ambulance.

If you want to be sure that the costs for your treatment are reimbursed by your underwriter, you should follow assistance coordinator’s recommendations.

A “deductible” is required by the terms of your policy – an amount of expenses to be paid by the policyholder. If the deductible amount is exceeded by the medical expenses and the case is acknowledged as an insurance event, your expenses may be fully refunded by the underwriter (unconditional deductible) or with deductible amount (conditional deductible). Purchase of an insurance policy with deductible allows reducing its cost. If there is an option of purchasing of an insurance policy either with or without a deductible, a policy with a deductible is cheaper. However, you have to take in charge a part of medical expenses in the amount specified in the insurance agreement (insurance policy) on your behalf.

Some medical facilities do not co-operate with foreign underwriters. They ask to pay up medical expenses and give out documents for your reimbursement. We certainly endeavour to give a medical referral in which you are admitted with no requests for immediate payment. But sometimes local features or specific situation do not allow for it. Besides, if your medical problem does not fall under the “insurance event”, you will have to bear your charges on your own.

Taking into consideration the legislation, you may not be forced to stay at the hospital after discharge. You may ask them to send original copies of any outstanding bills and a discharge summary to your home address or give them out to you or forward them to your underwriter for further payment. However, such situations are rather uncommon in reality.